Speaker set handcrafted by a customer

Published : 2021-09-15 - Categories : Default , Projects

Our friend Manuel Hervás is an experienced DIYer who carries many loudspeaker sets behind him, including monitors, three-way speakers and transmission lines with Lowther all-band drivers.

The latest project has been the most ambitious: building world-class three-way loudspeakers from scratch.

Carrying out a 2-way project from start to finish is not excessively complicated, but when we talk about three-way, things gets really hard. Manuel, aware of this point, made the design of the enclosures to his liking, following some basic rules and hired our measurement service. For this, he came one weekend with the cabinets under his arms to carry out the measurements and the filter design.

The speakers used, all top-notch, are the following:




The filters gave the assembly a flat response from 30Hz to 20Khz ± 2db.

We attach some interesting photographs of the process, we hope you like them!


















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