Konstantinos Pilios, Pilium Audio owner visit Audiohum

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This summer we received an Ares line preamp and the Iasonas power stage, both part of the Divine series from the Greek manufacturer Pilium Audio. From the first moment we could verify that they are a very special electronics. For the set up we used our reference cables, the Tellurium Q Statement in XLR interconnection and speaker. As power cables we have used, in addition to the Tellurium Q Statement (those for the Iasonas power stage), the Tellurium Q Silver Diamond for the Ares preamplifier. The system is completed with a Lumin U1 streamer and a Metronome DSC01 DAC, the first with a Tellurium Q Ultra Blue power cable and the second with an Ultra Silver from the same manufacturer. The connection between the Lumin U1 and the Metronome DSC01 is made with a Tellurium Q Silver Diamond USB cable.

After a few weeks in which the sound has been improving, we have had the opportunity to enjoy the visit of Konstantinos Pilios, owner of Pilium Audio, and one of its engineers, who have stayed in our city for a few days in which we have had time to work but also to chat and enjoy the products of the area.

The first thing that attracts attention with Pilium is that the sound is extremely natural, everything seems to be where and how it should. The sound of the instruments are more real than they had ever been and at the same time it's tremendously clean, with a feeling of absolute control and a extremelly articulated and deep bass.

The next thing we detect is that the level of information is brutal ... you can hear the smallest details and nuances of the recordings that, on many occasions I had not perceived before, even in some that I know very well. My experience with this feature is that it is often irritating in the long term, when it seems that more attention is paid to the details than to the music, or directly unpleasant when not very good recordings are played.

However, this is not the case: I spend hours listening ... not listening in fact but enjoying the music! And I don't get tired. There are already several days that my wife has called to order me to go back home.

Checking that with Pilium Audio and Tellurium Q the sound is so addictive and natural I have been recovering records, which had sounded a bit hard and / or rough before. Almost everyone has sounded great to me, which has left me a little perplexed. Those electronics are light years away from being one of those that sweetens and softens everything so that the good sounds good and the mediocre almost the same ... here the good sounds spectacularly and the mediocre extremelly good!

The most surprising thing is that following the visit of Konstantinos, in which we were in a flamenco show, I have been recovering some records of that God on Earth that was Camarón de la Isla, records that, despite their unsurpassed artistic quality, were insufferable in the "big" music system, and they were reserved, above all, to listen in the car. Well, yesterday, Sunday, I spent the whole day with Camarón de la Isla singing in front of me, and next to him, playing the guitar, sometimes that other Genie named Paco de Lucía and other the wonderful Tomatito. For the first time in my life, I enjoyed the songs from Camaron de la Isla this way, and just for that reason is worth having bringed these spectacular electronics to Spain: thank you very much, Mr. Pilios, for making these works of art.

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