M-CR412 Melody | Compact sound equipment with 2 x 60 Watt Amplifier | FM radio | Bluetooth | Analog and digital inputs | Remote control

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The Marantz tune is ideal for listeners who still enjoy listening to CDs and live radio broadcasts but do not need streaming capabilities. Based on the recently introduced Melody X network CD receiver (M-CR612), the new Melody Hi-Fi CD receiver (M-CR412) is made from the same materials and finish.

Despite being only 11 cm tall, the M-CR412 has a maximum power output of 60 watts per channel, which can fill even large living rooms. The Melody uses the same high-quality parts and technologies as the company's hi-fi components. With four channels you can connect two pairs of speakers and control them with a separate volume control for each pair. It even offers a bi-amp mode. Additionally, the Melody is compatible with most speakers, including 4-ohm models.

Users can also connect their digital television or cable / satellite box and a Blu-ray or DVD player to either of the two digital audio inputs to enjoy full and dynamic range digital audio reproduction of their movies and shows. TV favorites. The melody can be automatically activated when it detects an audio signal from the TV and can be programmed to work with the TV remote control to select volume, mute and source, meaning you no longer have to switch remote controls while browsing the television stations. Smartphone users can stream music to tune via Bluetooth and there is also a USB-A port that supports high-resolution playback of digital music files, such as FLAC, ALAC, or DSD.

The most outstanding:

60W x 2ch (6 ohms), or 4x 30W for A / B speakers with individual volume adjustment.

Plays CD, WMA / MP3 (CD-R / RW) and has an FM and DAB + tuner.

Supports MP3 and WAV / FLAC / ALAC 192kHz / 24bit, DSD 2.8 / 5.6MHz playback.

Built-in Bluetooth.

Includes two auto-sensing digital optical inputs for your TV or digital device.

It works with your TV remote control.

Designed in a high gloss black or silver and gold finish.

Its benefits:

Power and connectivity to suit your demanding audio preferences.

No matter how you listen, enjoy your music in high Marantz audio quality.

High-performance, high-resolution audio playback for any source.

Easily play music from any smart device.

The melody detects the input signal from your TV and outputs loud audio.

Program the melody to work with your TV remote control and easily adjust the volume.

Increase, decrease the volume, mute and select the source.

Refined elegance and refined design to complement excellent performance.


High quality output power 2x 60 W or 4x 30 W.

Bi-Amping / Parallel BTL - / - mode.

CD compatibility: CD / CD-R / RW / WMA / MP3 / AAC - / - / - / - / - / -.

Tuner: DAB / DAB + / FM (RDS) - / - - / -.

Rear USB - Speaker A / B - (Individual Volume).

Multi-room motorized for an extra room -.

Digital Optical in / Analogue in 2/1. Fixed and Variable analog output.

Subwoofer pre-out -.

Headphone output -.

High-quality audio components -.

Tone control: Bass / Treble / Balance - / - / - / -.

Visualize Fl 2-lines. Pure white illuminated front + off mode. Clock / Sleep Timer - / -.

Programmable timer: Once / Daily - / - -.


Output power (6 ohm, 1kHz) 60 W / 30 W.

Number of channels 2 / 4. Freq.

Response (analog input) 5Hz - 40kHz.

Signal to noise ratio 90dB.

Total harmonic distortion 0.1%.


Reception range (Band III) -.

Signal to noise ratio DAB (mono / stereo) 95dB.

Frequency response DAB 20Hz - 20 kHz.

DAB 90dB stereo separation.


FM frequency range 87.5 - 108 MHz.

Signal to noise ratio (mono / stereo) FM 70 / 70dB.

Total harmonic distortion (mono / stereo) FM 0.3 / 0.4%.


Available colors Black / Silver-Gold.

Power consumption 55 W.

Standby consumption 0.3 W.

Auto power off -.

Detachable power cord -.

Remote control RC015CR.

DAB antenna included -.

Maximum dimensions (W x D x H) 280 x 303 x 111 mm.

Weight 3.4 kg.



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