Fuente de alimentación DACT CT102

Fuente de alimentación DACT CT102

Fuente de alimentación DACT CT102

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The vision
At DACT we had the vision to create the ideal power supply for low-comsumption high-end audio electronics circuits. Not only as the perfect partner to power our own preamplifier modules, the CT100 Phono Stage module and the CT101 Line Stage module. We also wanted to offer a new alternative for all the audio DIYs that often are let down in their efforts experimenting with audio circuits, striving for the perfect sound. Until now, only very few good power supply designs were available.
In the past, the choice had been to use either a mains driven power supply, with or without regulation, that usually did not offer very good conditions for high-end audio circuits. The alternative were battery based solutions, of which some made your audio circuits sound better, but were either impractical to use or unreasonably expensive.
Our goal was to make a power supply that

  • Resulted in better sound from high-end audio electronics circuits than most know mains or battery driven designs seen so far.
  • Better measured specifications than most mains or battery driven designs currently available.
  • Easy to use and install.
  • Universal - safe and easy to use in any country regardless of mains voltage.

Now the DACT CT102 Audio Power Supply is here. Evaluate for yourself if we have reached the goals!!


Key specifications / key features

  • Ready-assmbled module, tested, ready for connecting to audio electronics circuits
  • Includes 100-250VAC mains adapter ready for connecting to the mains
  • Output voltage (customer selectable): +/-15VDC or +/-20VDC
  • Max. output current: 200mA
  • Peak output current: 10A min.
  • Output shortcircuit protected
  • Output impedance:
    0.001ohm at 1kHz
    0.002ohm at 20kHz
    0.006ohm at 100kHz
  • Output noise (IHF A): -126dB
  • PCB dimensions (L x W): 100mm x 90mm (3.54? x 3.94?)
  • Reduced capacitative coupling to the mains by using filtered switch mode mains adapter




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