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Brazo Jelco SA-750LB


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Brazo Jelco SA-750LB

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Simply the best 12 inch tonearm without paying over £2,000 The longer the arm, the less the tracking error and the 12 inch version

The sound presentation is simply divine looks fantastic on the larger SME turntables or indeed any of the bigger audiophile decks

The Arm is sold without a cable, it will take any SME type cable including the Jelco 5pin to phono or XLR and the ISOkinetik 5pin ISOtone cables and many others

Type    Static balance "S" Shaped pipe type with oil damping system 
Holding Mechanism    One point cross suspension system
Effective Length    305mm
Overhang    15mm
Trucking Error Angle    +1.42 -.097 degree
Horizontal Sensitivity    20mg
Vertical Sensitivity    20mg
Suitable Cartridge Self weight    4-12g
Range of Height Adjustment    38mm-60mm
(Distance between the arm stand bottom and center of the pipe.

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Brazo Jelco SA-750LB

Brazo Jelco SA-750LB

Brazo Jelco SA-750LB