Vitus Audio SCD-025

Vitus Audio SCD-025

Reproductor de CD Vitus Audio SCD-025

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The digital audio part has been taken to the extreme. From day one we decided to use sample rate conversion,
to minimise jitter. However instead of using a standard solution from ADI or TI, we chose the DSP based module from Anagram Technologies. First of all we gain higher flexibility, as this module is programmable and can be upgraded for newer standards.

Secondly we achieve a sample rate of 384KHz where the current limit on standard solutions is 192KHz. The higher the sample rate the higher the bandwidth. As Anagram Technologies designed a masterclock module to fully support their sample rate conversion modules - the choice was easy - however a very expensive one.

The analog stage uses our highly regarded topology taken directly from our amplifiers. It is a discrete coupling, which uses zero feedback, ultra linear transistors and high precession resistors. The resulting open loop bandwidth lies at 2.5MHz and gives a very linear phase response, which is one of the key elements for correct musical harmony.

The power supply is split into 4 different and completely separate supplies. One each for the drive and digital audio part and two for the analog stage (left and right). We believe the SCD-025 is bringing "musical performance" into the digital domain.

Shipping since 2007
Product Type:
Balanced CD Player (Redbook)

1 x unbalanced (RCA)
1 x balanced (XLR)

1 x USB

1 x unbalanced (RCA)
1 x balanced (XLR)

Master Clock / DAC:
Anagram Timelock,
Q5 and ADI1955 DAC
Philips CDPro2LF
(heavily modified by VA)

Sample rate / Resolution:
384KHz / 24 bit

Internal Cabling:
Andromeda by VA
130 x 435 x 430 mm
(H x W x D)
  Remote Controlled:
YES (The standard Philips alu
remote is included)
Total Weight:
26 Kg




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