Vitus Audio RCD-100

Vitus Audio RCD-100

Reproductor de CD Vitus Audio RCD-100

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The RCD-100, is our one of our latest additions to the Reference Series.
It is a true balanced redbook cd-player, based on the technologies used in our famous SCD- 010, but optimized for top performance at the pricepoint.
The RCD-100 offers both USB and RCA SPDIF digital interface, for connecting multimedia players, PC/MAC or other digital sources.

It also offers an RCA digital output for connection of separate DAC?s like our RD-100 DAC which will be launched at CES 2012.
The output can also be connected to any digital recorder etc.

The Philips CDPro2LF drive has been heavily modified to meet our demands for precision, leaving the error correction system with less
work to do. This ensures optimal working conditions for the Sample Rate Conversion and DAC.

The analog stage is an optimized version of the true balanced analog stage known from our SCD-010.

x1 USB
x1 S/PDIF (sensitivity 2VRMS / Impedance 75ohms)

x1 XLR
Impedance 75 ohms

Frequency Response +800KHz
SNR  110db
THD+Noise 0.01%

Modified Phillips CDPro 2LF

Digital Audio Input:
DAC - Masterclock 24.576 MHz
Frequency Tolerance - +/- 5ppm

Digital Audio Output:
Standard - AES/EBU/SPDIF
Sample Rate - 192/24

Power Consumption:
Standby - 2W
Operation - 20W

Height - 100mm
Width - 435mm
Depth - 377mm

Weight - 13kg



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