Bauer Audio DPS3

Bauer Audio DPS3

Bauer Audio DPS3

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dps—“der Plattenspieler” (“The Turntable”) is the brainchild of Mr. Willibald Bauer of Munich, Germany. The dps was developed over the course of many years beginning with the design of a unique zero-clearance spindle bearing, followed by a series of dedicated listening tests to fine-tune the structural elements. The dps turntable is stylish, compact, fluidly dynamic and incredibly quiet.

    Multi-layered plinth of cork, birch plywood
    and heavy damping foil
    Damped granite base
    Inverted zero-clearance spindle bearing
    Detached high torque synchronous 3-phase motor
    Stainless steel motor housing
    Ayre 3-phase zero-feedback analog power supply
    Adjustable damping feet
    PVC Record clamp
    Cherry wood finish

Speed: 33-1/3 and 45 rpm
Weight: 13 Kg
Size: 450 W x 350 D x 150 H