Brazo Jelco SA-750E

Brazo Jelco SA-750E

Brazo 10" Jelco SA-750E

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The JELCO SA 750E is a 10" vastly improved version of Sumiko MMT. So if you would like the performance of a 
$4,000 or $5000 tone arm but are unwilling to part with thousands of dollars, you can get equal or better 
performance from this SA750E Tone Arm.  This arm comes with the standard Jelco Cable.

Jelco have made arms for most manufacturers in the past. Their Japanese engineering is second to none (think 
Lexus). They made the famous Sumiko MMT and probably  the Linn Ittock II as well. These are some of the 
companies that marketed Jelco arms under their own names: Koetsu, Sumiko, Audio quest, Linn, Oracle, Ariston, 
Roksan, Revolver, Mission and Graham. Jelco make their own jewelled bearings, they are in complete control of 

Jelco make seriously good arms, you don't need to rewire them, or change anything. They are perfect out of the 
box. They mount using the standard Linn three hole fixing and you get fixing templates and everything you need.

Go For It, you know your cartridge wants you to buy this arm. The S shaped arm has less tracking error than the 
straight arms.

The SA-750E is Jelco's top of the range tonearm.

The arm shares many of the design features of the Sumiko MMT/FT series, Koetsu and Audioquest PT arms which 
where built by Jelco.


Effective length: 255mm

Overhang: 15mm

tracking error angle: +1.75 -1.25 degrees

Mounting pattern: Linn

Vertical friction: 20mg

Lateral friction: 20mg

SA-750 Specifications