Air Tight ATE-2001 Reference

Air Tight ATE-2001 Reference

Preamplificador a válvulas, referencia absoluta, Air Tight ATE-2001 Reference

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The flagship in Air Tight's superb stable of preamplifiers, the ATE-2001 Reference is the complete embodiment of Mr. Miura's design philosophy. Power supply and audio signal paths are each given their own chassis to maximize the purity of the benefits of the hand-soldered, point-to-point signal wiring as well as isolating it from any negative influence from the high voltages generated by the power supply. Further shielding is accomplished by the costly process of copper plating those parts of the chassis relating to amplification. Aside from the 3 line inputs, for those of us still addicted to our analog, there are 3 phono inputs (2 MC and 1 MM) and, unlike other Air Tight preamplifiers, the ATE-2001 includes an extremely high-quality on-board step-up transformer that allows the integrated phono section to make the best use of low-output moving coil cartridges. The perfect complement to Miura-san's ATM-2001 Reference amplifier.

Air Tight ATE-2001 Reference Preamplifier features:

? Meticulous hand wiring without PCB in all signal paths
? 1.6mm thick steel plate to shield all of the internal and external vibrations
? High mass solid brass attenuator pot that is resistant to vibrations, offering smoothest operational touch with utmost accuracy
? Output stage composed of a low-impedance, high output SRPP circuit that assures stable function of NF circuitry throughout wide bandwidth
? Exclusive on-board step-up transformer by My Sonic Lab, featuring high quality core and wire
? A 6DJ8 single stage flat amp, designed as a no NFb SRPP circuit, that sends stable output signals under low impedance even when the attenuator is activated
? 3 line inputs and 3 sets of phono inputs that enable you to use 3 different cartridges/tonearms (2 MCs and 1 MM) for versatile listening pleasure
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