Air Tight ATE-2 preamplificador de fono

Air Tight ATE-2 preamplificador de fono

Preamplificador de fono de referencia Air Tight ATE-2

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For those who appreciate the finest in analogue reproduction, this might be the last word. Manufactured in very limited quantities as part of Air Tight's 10th Anniversary celebration, Miura-san's Air Tight ATE-2 has few peers in the marketplace.

Quite simply, this is undoubtedly one of the best phono /line stages. The Air Tight ATE-2 Reference phono/line stage is Air Tight's top of the line, ultimate state of the art, phono equalizer and line stage.  And its line stage was on par with the best.

The ATE-2 has two phono and one line level input. Includes all important Mono/Stereo switching. And unlike many tube preamps, this unit is truly an "all tube" design with tube rectification and regulation, a very important attribute if after the ultimate in musicality. The robust power supply is fully shielded in copper and is overbuilt.

The construction and build of the ATE-2 is amazing, perhaps one of the cleanest layouts with an excecution of fit and finish that is extraordinary, both electrically and asethetically. Wiring is full point to point, using a copper shielded loam for precise layout. Copper shielding is abundant for excellent noise rejection with the power supply separated.


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CIRCUIT TYPE: Pure Class A - Zero Feedback - All Tube
PHONO: 25w into 80hms | 75w Monoblock
OUTPUT IMPEDANCE: 1.35V Peak to Peak for full output
INPUT AND OUTPUT JACKS: Gold Plated RCA OFC | 3 Inputs | 2 pairs Outputs
POWER SUPPLY: Full Tube regulation and Rectification - Copper Shield
DIMENSIONS: 405(W) x 330(D) x 145(H)mm
WEIGHT: 12kg
TUBES: 12AX7x3, 12BH7Ax1, EF86x1, 6DJ8x2, EZ90x1


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