Air Tight ATC-2

Air Tight ATC-2

Preamplificador a válvulas Air Tight ATC-2

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ATC-2 Stereo Line-Control Amplifier
Realisation of peerless fidelity with full emotional impact

ATC-2 was never intended for mass production. With its reinforced power supplies, lavish custom parts selection and extraordinary chassis construction and finish, the ATC-2 is built to provide a lifetime of music for the most discriminating listeners. Every tube in the signal path has the B+ voltage supplied to it only after the heater gets warm, significantly extending tube life. The sonic results of this obsessive attention to detail are obvious: greater transparency, dynamic range, transient definition and clean, extended frequency extremes. A remarkable achievement in audio design.

Features include:
- Self-biased 2-stage NF flat amp to provide impressive high gain, thus insuring powerfulness and high resolution
- SRPP output stage for high power under low impedance
- 6 independent constant voltage circuits for stable, low-bass reproduction
- Custom-selected coupling capacitor to ensure natural sound free from intermodulation distortion
- Abundant input and outputs for versatile use
- Single-steel chassis coated with several enamel layers for superb rigidity expelling mechanical noise and induced currents




Valves employed

12AX7 (ECC83) x 1, 12AU7 (ECC82) x 2

Output Voltage

rated 2V, max. 15V

Output Impedance

200 ohm


less than 0.01%

Input sensivity

110mV (output 1V)

S/N Ratio

90dB (IHF-A weighted)


410 (W) x 337 (D) x 156 (H) mm



Air Tight


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