Air Tight ATM 2001S Etapa de potencia monofónica, referencia absoluta

Air Tight ATM 2001S Etapa de potencia monofónica, referencia absoluta

Etapa de potencia monofónica, referencia absoluta, Air Tight ATM-2001S

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Air Tight's flagship is more than worthy of the title. This is an example of true "no holds barred" design. Every aspect of Miura-san's approach to circuitry, resonance control, magnetic shielding, chassis stability, and, of course, beautiful aesthetics, have been put into play. The incredible power output (180 Watts per side in the stereo version; 330 Watts for each mono block) comes from the use of six 6550s per channel (or 12 in mono block), each with its own individually-assigned cathode follower. Thus, subtle variations in tube performance can be easily optimised. Separating the signal amplification stage (over 100 lbs!) from the massive power supply (over 140 lbs!!) acheives an unparalleled purity of the audio signal path, still carried, at Miura-san's insistance, via hand-soldered, point-to-point wiring without dreaded printed circuit boards. The large internal volume also means that heat dissipation can be effectively dealt with without the use of noisy, field-generating fans. In the vast world of modern vacuum tube amplification, this is a "statement", and one that will not soon be equalled.


Air Tight ATM-2001 Mono Amplifier features:
? Comfortable high-power, thanks to the output stage composed of 12 6550 beam tubes
? Massive power supply employing huge EI power transformer and large capacity filter condenser
? Optimum operation of each output tube ensured by individually direct coupled cathode-follower circuit
? Dual mono design affords affluent high power without extra load on each component
? PCB free point-to-point hand wiring
? The massive front panel is hand-finished aluminum


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