Balanced Audio Technology VK-300-X

Balanced Audio Technology VK-300-X

Amplificador integrado estéreo híbrido de 300W/canal a 4 ohmios.

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The BAT VK-300X Integrated Amplifier embodies simplicity without compromise. The VK-300X was designed to satisfy the world?s most discriminating music lovers, providing effortless power in a beautiful, compact package. Like all of BAT?s products, the VK-300X is unmatched in its flexibility and can be configured to meet any audiophile?s sensibilities.

BAT?s goal was to design an integrated amplifier that could satisfy the needs of the world's most discriminating music lovers. The VK-300X exceeded our highest expectations in this regard; it forms the nucleus of the finest high-end music system. The VK-300X provides a robust 150 watts per channel into 8 Ohm loads and easily doubles this output to 300 watts per channel into 4 Ohm loads.

Many integrated amps offer convenience and little more. The VK-300X is a different beast by design. Its circuitry and build quality maintain the high caliber of exceptional workmanship encompassed in all BAT designs. The VK-300X?s output stage is based on the circuitry of the amazing BAT VK-220 Amplifier. Each available input stage is configured to same exacting standards as those in BAT?s highly acclaimed preamplifier line. Sharing the same user interface as the flagship VK-51SE, the VK-300X offers the programming flexibility and ease of use which BAT is famous for. This is an amazing sounding integrated amplifier with an exceptional pedigree!

The elegant design and technical prowess embodies in the VK-300X ultimately exist to serve you, the listener, and the music. The critical test is its sound, and the results are breathtaking. The VK-300X is pure BAT: open, delicate, smooth, and powerful are the only terms we can come up with to describe the performance of this integrated amp. We can say without hesitation, this product is competitive with separates at up to three times its price. Musical finesse, dynamic authority and flexibility can finally all be found in a single component!

The VK-300X adapts to your system tastes and budget without compromise. It can be configured with many different options, and these options can be added at any time! Add the BAT VK-P3 MM/MC Phono Board for incredible analog playback. Select the optional 6922 tube-based front-end to experience the magic that only tubes can deliver. You can even get this incredible integrated amp in BAT?s exclusive Special Edition (SE) format, which includes the heralded 6H30 Super Tubes for the front-end gain stage. A full function remote control offers the last word in convenience. This exceptional versatility sets the VK-300X apart from the crowd and gives every audiophile the set up that perfectly meets their needs!

VK-300X Options:
Remote Control $500 (comes Standard at this price)
VK-P3 MM/MC Phono Board $500
6922 Tube Module (Input Stage) $500
Special Edition (SE) $1000

VK-300x Specifications:
Number of channels: 2
Watts per channel at <0.1% THD  
8 O: 150 W
4 O: 300 W
Frequency Response @ -3dB: 3 Hz - 150 kHz
Absolute polarity: Switchable
Line Stage Types: Solid state, tube, SuperTube
Line Stage Devices: 4 2SK214, 2 6922, 2 6H30
Inputs: 2 XLR + 3 RCA
Preamp Output: 1 XLR
Tape Output: 1 RCA
Maximum Preamp Gain  
Solid State, 6922 versions: 20 dB
SE version: 13 dB
Volume Control Resolution: 0.5 dB
Volume Control Number of Steps: 140
Input Impedance - minimum each phase: 100 kO
Noise-unweighted: -100 dB
Distortion @ 2Vrms output: 0.01%
Channel to channel crosstalk @ 10kHz: -85 dB
Power Consuption Idle: 80VA
Full Power: 1000VA
Dimensions (W x H x D): 19' x 5.75' x 15.5'
Weight - unpackaged: 40 lb. (18 kg)
Options: Remote control
  Phono card
  SE model