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Vifa XT18WO-09-08


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Vifa XT18WO-09-08

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Black cone insted of the red that can be seen on the pic.

This series builds on the foundation of the PL series, but with new approaches to further enhance the performance. With a high density, low resonance, airflow-optimized chassis it allows maximum airflow under the spider. The result is much lower compression of air in the magnet system, which has also been optimized to reduce distortion. A Wood-fibre cone and phase integrated dust cap is a new technology that strives for the optimum sound quality. Vifa has always been known for searching for the best sound and will only adapt the best materials to achieve this. Low Resonance Multi-roll Surround (LRMS) is another design element used in this series to reduce resonance.

Driver Highlights: Wood-fibre cone and dustcap, Multi-roll surround, low distortion magnet system, airflow optimized chassis


Driver Highlights: Neo magnet, Under hung motor system, exceptionally long linear stroke


Electrical Data
Nominal ImpedanceZn8ohm
Minimum ImpedanceZmin---ohm
Maximum ImpedanceZo85ohm
DC ResistanceRe5.8ohm
Voice Coil InductanceLe0.54mH
TS Parameters
Resonance Frequencyfs38Hz
Mechanical Q factorQMS5.87 
Electrical Q factorQES0.39 
Total Q factorQts0.37 
Force FactorBl6.2Tm
Mechanical ResistanceRms0.49Kg/s
Moving MassMms11.1g
Suspension ComplianceCms---mm/N
Effective Piston Areasd129cm^2
Equivalent VolumeVas38ltrs



Power Handling
100h RMS noise testIEC---W
Long-term Max PowerIEC 18.3---W
Short Term Max powerIEC 18.2---ohm
Voice Coil and Magnet Parameters
Voice Coil Diameter 25mm
Voice Coil Height 14mm
Voice Coil Layers --- 
Height of the Gap 5mm
Linear Excursion +/- 9mm
Max mech. excursion +/- ---mm
Diameter of Magnet 120mm
Height of Magnet ---mm
Weight of Magnet ---Kg




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Vifa XT18WO-09-08

Vifa XT18WO-09-08

Vifa XT18WO-09-08