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Lowther PM6C


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Lowther PM6C high efficiency fullrange

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The C series utilize a ceramic magnet. These produce a "softer" magnetic field, resulting in a softer sound. These give a more distant perspective to the soundstage, but still provide a very transparent, dynamic sound. A low cost entry to the Lowther sound, and great for people who like to listen to older, less than perfect recordings, but who still want the transparency that a high quality driver can present.

DC Resistance of Voice Coil     Re     7.4 ohms
Free Air Resonance     Fo     45 Hz
Emission Piston Area     Sd     0.021M²
Equivalent Volume Suspension     Vas     56.046 Ltrs
Suspension Compliance     Cms     894.981 u M/N
Mass of Cone     Mmd     11.0 g
Mass of Moving Parts     Mms     12.75 g
Force Factor     Bl     7.246 T-M
Mechanical Q Factor     Qms     4.788
Electrical Q Factor     Qes     0.510
Total Q Factor     Qts     0.461
Voice Coil Inductance @ 1 kHz     Le     87.723 uH
Reference Efficiency     No     1.11%
Sound Pressure Level     SPL     92.473 Db

Overall Diameter    22.5 cm
Overall Depth     7.6 cm
Depth from rear of Mounting Frame    6,7 cm
PCD Mounting Centres     20.8 cm
Baffle Hole cut-out     19 cm
Magnet Ring Diameter    11.5 cm
Voice coil diameter     3.9 cm
Voice coil impedance (nominal)     8 ohm or 15 ohm

Nominal Power Handling: 100W
Air gap width     1 mm
Air gap height     4 mm
Magnet type    Feroba 2
Flux density (I Tesla=10,000 Gauss)     1.75 Tesla
Diaphragm     Twin Paper
Frequency response     30 Hz-20kHz
Maximum voice coil travel     ± 1 mm
Shipping weight    3 kg



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Lowther PM6C

Lowther PM6C

Lowther PM6C high efficiency fullrange