Acoustic Revive RUI-1 USB isolator

Acoustic Revive RUI-1 USB isolator

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RUI - 1 : USB Isolator
The biggest problem in PC based audio is the huge amount of ?noise? generated by the PC.
The noise generated by an AC power supply can be reduced by operating the PC with a battery
power supply or a noise reduction transformer. However, the noise generated by the PC itself is
still free flowing into the audio equipment via the signal and power lines of the USB cable. This
results in a serious degradation of signal quality.
The Acoustic Revive RUI-1 can reduce the noise from the power and signal lines of the USB
cable to a ?nano? level ? in summary, the RUI-1 is a breakthrough product that can reduce the
PC noise by near to 100%
The RUI-1 cable is the same as that used in our USB cable USB-1.0PL (8mm solid core

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