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Accuton C220-11-221

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  • 8.5 inch bass-midrange for 2 or 3-way floorstanders
  • medium sized voice coil with 38mm titanium voice coil former for high midrange resolution 
  • version with 11 Ohm impedance for tube amps or multiple parallel driver arrays 

Vented box design parameters:

  • Vb: 70L, Port diameter: 70mm, Length: 255mm, Fres: 23Hz, F-3dB: 30Hz, Q: 0.58 (optimal)
  • Vb: 116L, Port diameter: 70mm, Length: 100mm, Fres: 25.5Hz, F-3dB: 24Hz, Q: 0.50 (extended bass)
  • Vb: 58L, Port diameter: 70mm, Length: 235mm, Fres: 26Hz, F-3dB: 31Hz, Q: 0.61 (0.7dB Ripple @ 50Hz)

Closed Box design parameters:

  • Vb: 39L, -4dB @ 40Hz, -18dB @ 20Hz, F-3dB: 43Hz, Q: 0.71 (typical)
  • Vb: 116L, -4dB @ 40Hz, -11dB @ 20Hz, F-3dB: 45Hz, Q: 0.50 (extended bass)




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Accuton C220-11-221

Accuton C220-11-221

Accuton C220-11-221. Bass-Midrange.

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